Updating The Porsche Bible: The New Edition Of Excellence Was Expected Is Bigger, Better, And More

Karl Ludvigsen is simply in his element when it comes to the history of the Porsche brand. This epic set…

Bradley Brownell

This 991.2 GT3 RS Converts A Porsche Fan For Life

Though Marcus Vandenberg's Roads Untraveled tends to focus on Japanese performance cars, he occasionally highlights the odd domestic or European…

Tommy Parry

GMG Helps A 991 GT3 Sound Better—Not That It Needed Much Help

When I say that the Porsche 911 GT3/GT3 RS—particularly the 991 generation—makes one of the best sounds in the entire…

Tommy Parry

Porsche Cartoon

Happy Halloween!

Jerry King

Rod Emory’s Outlaw 356 RSR Blends Classic Style with Modern Speed

What could the 356 have evolved into had Porsche kept developing it? Rod Emory, a man whose life has revolved…

Tommy Parry

Project Boxster Clubsport: Part 25 – Major Weight Loss

We're entering new territory here! Porsche has just introduced the first of likely many electric cars in its Taycan, and…

Bradley Brownell

FlatSixes Goes To The Porsche 912 West Coast Rendezvous

Pismo Beach, California is an excellent place to spend time in late summer or early fall. It's warm during the…

Bradley Brownell

This 964 Turbo RWB Has All Of The Show To Match All Of Its Go

With those unmistakable flares and outrageous aero pumping up this classic Porsche, it's a feast for the eyes. There's something…

Tommy Parry

Porsche Lends Star Wars Some Design Help For A New Sporty Spacecraft

In case you've been living under a rock lately, there's a new Star Wars film coming out on December 20th,…

Bradley Brownell

The New Macan Turbo Is A Practical Performance Porsche

Porsche has already confirmed that this will be the final generation of Macan to be powered by a gasoline engine,…

Bradley Brownell