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10 Gift Ideas for the Porsche Lover

As amazing as it seems to us, it's holiday shopping time again. In just a few short days the malls will be filled with overfed Thanksgiving revelers and those looking for the best possible deals. While we'll do our best to avoid the crowds, we can't help but give thought to what some of the more interesting Porsche related gift ideas are. You see, every year we receive email after email asking for our ideas. Sometimes the request comes from a loved one of a Porsche enthusiast and sometimes it's from the enthusiast themselves who needs to give a list to their family. It doesn't matter which category you fall into, we have you covered.

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Porsche Holiday Gift Ideas

The following Porsche holiday gift list is by no means exhaustive, but we do try to find the most popular, interesting and unique Porsche related gifts available each year across a wide range of budgets. Take a look through our list of Porsche gift ideas for 2017 and don't be at all embarrassed if you buy yourself something, we weren't!

1. Steve McQueen In Le Mans: Art Graphic Novel

Masterfully crafted by Sandro Garbo and the team at Garbo Studio, Steve McQueen in Le Mans fuses a blistering graphic novel with a bold and vivid tribute to McQueen himself, a man who gave new hope and meaning to car enthusiasts around the world. Inspired by 1971͛s iconic Le Mans͛ movie, which overcame its initial box office struggle to find true cult status, Garbo's creation pays homage to the movie, its race, the cars that fired on all cylinders and the man who made it all possible.

2. Porsche Flat-Six Boxer Engine Model Kit

Want to build your own superbly detailed Porsche 911 engine? This 1:4 scale model kits includes a complete, motorized rotating assembly with illuminated ignition complete with exhaust sounds and a beautifully-illustrated companion book made in cooperation with the Porsche Museum in Germany (providing instructions on assembly and history on the production and racing variants of the famous "Mezger" engine with historical photos, drawings, and posters from the Porsche archives).

3. Forza 7 Motorsport

Let's face it, the closest most of us will ever come to driving the new Porsche GT2 RS is while day dreaming away at our next Cars & Coffee event or digitally in games like Forza Motorsport 7. That's why you should get yourself a copy (and an if needed).

4. Rucksack from the new Racing Collection at Porsche Driver's Selection*

I don't know about you, but I own an assortment of packs and bags that I use for everything from the gym to backpacking. What was missing from my collection, until recently, was a compact pack that I could toss a couple of items in and easily fit in the back of my 911 or up front in the trunk. Driver's Selection new Racing Collection Rucksack works perfect. Not too big, not too small and very comfortable to just toss over your shoulder. So, if you're looking for a pack to toss a windbreaker, some sunscreen, your keys and a phone charger while you head off to the track for a race or a day of Driver's Ed, this rucksack has you covered. .

5. A Smartphone Mount

A few of our Porsches are newer and included navigation. However, the modules are getting old and with all the construction here in the North East I'm relying more and more on my smartphone to do the heavy lifting vs. the built in nav. The same holds true for our air-cooled cars that don't have navigation. The issue we always run into is where to best put our phone so as not to block any of our instruments and not distract us while driving. For that reason, I'm not a huge fan of the mounts that clip into the CD player. I also don't like clipping anything to my vents or using a suction cup on my dash (I've found they leave marks and if you're not paying attention and accidentally whack one too hard you could even break your vent). That's why I like mounts that have the option to mount to the glass of your windshield. It not only gives you the best positioning options, but any marks left behind can easily be wiped clean. After lots of trial and error, the mount that works best for us is the iOttie Easy One Touch.

6. Porsche 70 Years: There Is No Substitute

Having just reviewed Randy Leffingwell's most recent Porsche book, we can confidently say this belongs in your library. Either as a gift for yourself or for a loved one, at under $40.00 you can't go wrong. With 256 pages of book, complete with 200 full color photographs and 50 additional black and white images, at nearly 5 lbs this book weighs almost as much as the coffee table you'll put it on. there is a whole lot of bang for the buck in this one.

7. Porsche Design 911 Speaker*

When we first reviewed the 911 GT3 Soundbar from Porsche Design, a number of you commented that it was simply too expensive. That didn't stop the GT3 Soundbar from selling out in a lot of places before new inventory was brought in. However, that doesn't mean that Porsche Design wasn't listening and it's probably part of the reason they introduced their new 911 Speaker. Built using the original exhaust pipe of a 911 GT3, this high-quality Bluetooth speaker holds 60-watts of power in its sleek aluminum housing.

8. 15% Off Casual Driving Shoes by Hunziker*

The Casual Driving Shoes by Hunziker™ have made their long awaited return last year. Even better, Hunziker is

New this time around are the Steve McQueen models: The "1969" which takes its styling cues from Steve McQueen's personal slate grey 1969 Porsche 911S. The "Mini" is fashioned after Steve McQueen's two-tone brown Mini Cooper. The "Sebring" is an homage to Steve McQueen's driving suit. All three models are Steve McQueen™ Official Licensed Merchandise.

Hunziker™ also teamed up with Chad McQueen to create the "Track Day" McQueen Racing shoe. It features brushed black suede with subtle 3-D checkered flag leather inserts and is finished with McQueen Racing blue accents.

Due to popular demand, the Gulf Racing "Heritage" model, the British Racing Green shoes and the iconic 917 Longtail in Martini Racing colors are making a comeback.

To take advantage of the 15% discount you must order your Hunziker Shoes direct from Hunziker. .

9. K40 All-Band Radar and Laser Detector with GPS Technology,

For a while now we've been thinking of getting a Radar and Laser detector installed in our 993. However, we haven't wanted to make the commitment to a full/permanent install as we've done our best to keep our Porsche as it came from the factory with nothing else added. As a compromise, we've been testing a portable version courtesy of K40. Specifically, it's the RLS2 model that features both Radar and Laser detectors along with a very handy GPS function. The GPS function is great if you live in an area with regular speed traps or cameras. You simply mark their location and the detector remembers them and warns you will in advance. So far, this detector has saved us from two different tickets which means it's paid for itself and then some.

10. Thekparksvanphu.info "Turbocharge Your Morning" Coffee Mug

What better way to start off your morning than with your favorite cup of coffee in a Porsche themed mug. Designed for Thekparksvanphu.info by our friend and contributor, Brett Sloan, the artwork on our new coffee mug features iconic parts from Porsches across multiple generations (Big Red Brakes, 930 Steering Wheel, Boost Gauge, Fan, Shift Knob, Turbo and a Fuchs Wheel). At 15 oz. in size, this ceramic mug is generous in proportion, fits well in your hand and is dishwasher and microwave safe. We're producing these on demand so please allow at least 7 to 10 business days for delivery. .

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*While Hunziker, Porsche Design and Driver's Selection are all sponsors of our site, that doesn't change the fact that we wouldn't suggest their product if it wasn't something we already owned, tried ourselves or genuinely felt belonged on this list.

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