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Haynes Introduces New Porsche 956/962 Owner’s Workshop Manual

Porsche's 956 and later 962 owned the international sports car scene in the 1980s and 90s with sweeping victories across the world in Group C competition and here in the US with IMSA's GTP series. These turbocharged terrors were said to be relatively un-dramatic to drive quickly, making it popular among pros and gentleman drivers alike. Because of this fact, teams all over the world purchased or built their own Porsche flat-six racers to take on the competition. At one point, the car even propelled Porsche to win Le Mans with nine of the top ten cars bearing their engines. The car was a giant killer, it was a world beater, it was really good at what it was built to do.

Different from traditional Haynes assembly manuals, this upcoming book is described as "an insight into the design, engineering, maintenance, and operation of Porsche's legendary sports-racing car". Like the 917 manual they produced back in 2015 (), this 956/962 manual is intended less as a guide to rebuild your car and more a guidebook on the history of the chassis, a technology deep-dive, information from the people who helped design it, and some discussion on what it was like to drive. Just check out the book's table of contents shown above.

While this book won't officially be released until April, . Considering the awesome never-before-seen photos and information held within, we expect it to be worth every penny. Once it's released and we can get a copy in our hands, we'll be sure to bring you a review of the book so you can decide if you need to add a copy to your Porsche library.

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